Budny, Novotný and the fern flower

A former glas­sworks in Ostrava’s Vítkovice district houses Plato Gal­lery, where a joint exhibition by Michał Budny and Jaromír Novotný, curated by Marek Pokorny, has just been opened. “Kapradinový květ (Fern Flower) is a site specific installation of a rather minimalistic character—monochrome pieces of paper, hand-​painted by Novotný, were moun­ted on mas­sive con­crete pil­lars, thus con­testing the con­struc­tion logic of the space. 


Budny, Novotný and the fern flower

Michał Budny, Jaromír Novotný, "Fern Flower"

Plato, Ostrava

22.10.2015 - 17.01.2016


phot. Tomáš Souček