Photographs by Aneta Grzeszykow­ska are being presen­ted at the revue exhibition MASK In Present-​Day Art  at the Aar­gauer Kun­sthaus in Aargau, Swit­zer­land. Works from the Selfie and Beauty Masks series are shown along­side works by such artists as Rosemarie Troc­kel, Douglas Gordon, John Stezaker, Nicole Eisen­man and Cindy Sher­man. The theme of the exhibition is con­tem­porary artistic inter­pretation of the motif of the mask and its cul­tural and social contexts.


Grzeszykowska at the “MASK In Present-Day Art” in Switzerland

MASK In Present-Day Art


01.09.2019 – 05.01.2020


Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aargau, Switzerland

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