Matecki’s first solo show in Zacheta – National Gal­lery of Art in Warsaw (curated by Maria Rubersz & Woj­ciech Kozłowski) was at the same time his biggest exhibition in a public art institution so far. Its center – a monumen­tal instal­lation – was made up with a few hun­dred drawings based on reproduc­tions of (more or less) famous pain­tings found on the Inter­net. The intense process of accumulating images was then juxtaposed with Matecki’s newest abs­tract works – a result of a far-​reaching, con­scien­tious reduc­tion of the pain­terly medium. The paintings were created based on routine i.e. using an automated process of covering the canvas with paint using a scraper – simple and basic qualities like color, gesture, texture, rhythm and shape are what con­stitutes them. The monumen­tal in its size painting (240 x 360 cm) which crowned the show was made just before its opening, on site. All of this was sup­plemen­ted by an additional program of tours and work­shop with not only Matecki but other invited artists: Tomasz Ciecier­ski, Paweł Susid and Tymek Borowski.


New works by Matecki in Zachęta

Przemysław Matecki, 'Rough'

Zachęta - National Gallery of Art, Warsaw