“The Finger” is an exhibition that brings together the works of four artists – Zbigniew Libera and Prze­mek Matecki, represen­ted by Raster Gal­lery, Warsaw, and Yaron Attar and Hadas Satt, represen­ted by RawArt Gal­lery, Tel Aviv. Cor­poral, humorous and defiant, the exhibition inc­ludes new works by the four artists, ran­ging from pain­ting and photography to sculp­ture and performance, and will be shown as part of 2017’s Fresh Paint art fair in Tel Aviv.

Zbigniew Libera presents a new ongoing photo series that he has been wor­king on, aiming to con­front the aggres­sion of the cur­rent socio-​political climate. In these violent scenes, the artist is always present. A previous series of staged photographs by Libera, con­sisting of black and white images, is also shown here, accom­panied by a press release describing an imagined trial, in which all major neo­liberal politicians, economists, and ban­kers are sen­ten­ced, and found guilty of having inflic­ted the global economic crisis.

Prze­mek Matecki’s pocket-​size col­lage pain­tings take as their point of depar­ture the literal and metaphorical excrements of con­tem­porary visual and material cul­ture. Deploying a witty pain­terly camouflage over quotations, sten­cils, and torn-​out press photos, his works flirt with por­nography and politics, only to win (albeit in a somewhat unc­lear way) the forces of evil over to his side. Matecki brings a par­ticular, non-​academic sen­sitivity to the pain­terly image and, at the same time, a counter-​cultural energy that lets the pain­tings gain a life of their own, here and now. 

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The Finger

"The Finger"

Yaron Attar, Zbigniew Libera, Przemek Matecki, Hadas Satt
Curators: Leah Abir, Łukasz Gorczyca

Fresh Paint Art Fair

Tel Aviv, Israel




Photos by Lena Gomon