You are cor­dially invited to a meeting with Oskar Zięta – an architect, designer, and artist – the author of innovative and iconic utility objects, small-​scale architec­ture, and spatial forms. The meeting will feature sur­prises and special guests, and the back­drop for our event will be a series of sculp­tures inspired by the form of a bac­kyard metal rug-​beating frame (trzepak), created by Zięta in the Sculp­ture Garden Raster. The author him­self will talk about the behind-the-scenes of creating these works and reveal some of his work­shop secrets.
Zięta has created not just a globally hailed design brand and iden­tity, but also his own form, recognizable at first glance, a kind of creative per­petuum mobile. Intriguin­gly, he brings together two distinct disciplines—design and art—reintroducing to art qualities that had been aban­doned: tech­nological innovation, a deep under­stan­ding of materials, and an unrestrained formal mannerism.

Meeting with Oskar Zięta

The meeting will take place on Nov 8 at 6.30 PM at Raster gallery.