Ultra Black

“Ultra Black” is the latest col­laborative fashion-and-art project between Rafał Buj­now­ski and Bytom, a Polish luxury men­swear label. A cap­sule col­lec­tion is laun­ched in limited edition to celebrate the encoun­ter of con­tem­porary Polish art and fashion. 


Taking the inspiration from Bujnowski’s monochrome Lamp Black painting series—painted with just one shade of black oil paint—the main motif of the col­lec­tion is the absolute minimalism of the black color. When the surface of such painting is struck by various kinds of light, it creates the illusion of being three-​dimensional and mul­ticolored. So does the use of mixed high-​quality fabrics, all of dif­ferent struc­ture but in the same color, in the Ultra Black collection.


The col­lec­tion features elegant and formal wear such as suits, shirts and bow ties, but also more casual tur­tlenecks, jog­gers and a series of t-shirts and long­sleeves. All in black, with just one element in white: a special t-shirt with a print of Bujnowski’s char­coal drawing. All is available online on bytom.​com.pl



A short video was prepared by the director’s duo Jakubowska/Gronowski (Shootme Warsaw) at Raster and Zachęta National Art Gal­lery to promote the collection’s con­cept of sear­ching for the dar­kest black:

special collaboration

Ultra Black

A collaborative fashion-and-art project between Rafał Bujnowski and Bytom, Polish luxury menswear label. A full range capsule collection is launched in limited edition to celebrate the encounter of contemporary Polish art and fashion.