An over­sized set of prayer beads, made of resin, sprouting from the ground,AÂ AÂ AÂ UR addresses the balance between sec­lusion and society, spirit and state, echoes of which we con­tinue to find in the US, Europe and the Middle East today. The beads’ scale and momen­tum, laun­ched from below the sur­face, invite a quiet playful­ness, in par­ticular regar­ding a sub­ject matter often brushed under the prover­bial rug. 
AÂ AÂ AÂ UR is the original ancient Egyp­tian demotic text, meaning literally “big, big, very big”, from which the Greeks conceived/translated the name of Hermes Trismegistis (Thrice Great), the author/ foun­der of Her­meticism, an esoteric body of know­ledge that speaks to the great tradition of inter­faith dialogue and mysticism.

Slavs and Tatars

2015, steel, resin, paint, condensed earth and grass, 280 x 900 x 380 cm