With Activities with the AK Kinga Plaque, KwieKulik developed a relational interac­tion on a hac­kwork com­mis­sioned piece for the first time. While carving in the sand­stone slab the inscrip­tion in honor of the mur­dered National Army Sol­diers, they documen­ted the material-​spatial Activities they were per­for­ming on the plaque using dif­ferent objects such as man­darins, onions, plaster heads made by their artist-​friend Woj­ciechow­ski, let­ters cut out of black paper, a red scarf, their piece Unk­nown X, and even their son Dobromierz. The stone plaque (together with the inscrip­tion) therefore star­ted to shift in meaning. The com­memorative plate (and inscrip­tion) turned into a prop, an ‘element’ embed­ded into a dif­ferent chain of references.


Quoted from: Łukasz Ron­duda, Georg Schol­l­hamer (ed.), KwieKulik, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 2013, p. 171

Activities with AK Kinga Plate

1974 slide projection, 40 slides, ed. of 3 + 2 A.P.