Michelle Rawlings

oil on linen, 30,5 x 20 cm

Raw­lings describes her inspirations and wor­king methods for this painting:

"I’ve been interested in the four primary colors that are used again and again and are also in the Microsoft logo… red, yellow, blue and green. I was interested in making this piece a very faint minimalist rendition of that pattern of color. It was important to me to make the colors so similar in tone that if one were color blind or if one were seeing it in black-and-white it might seem to be all one color. I love the feeling of these very subtle color shifts.

My work, being a smaller size, empathizes the quality of these paintings as quotations of similar things, or genres in painting. They operate almost more as portraits than as abstract paintings, because I feel like they are directly about something else or refer the viewer to something else he or she has seen in the past but can’t quite name or put a finger on. They are both mysterious and familiar… and have an elusive quality."