This piece is a col­lage of text and photographs — com­prising images of places in KwieKulik’s neigh­bor­hood, the Warsaw district of Praga: a gateway stin­king of urine, whistling ven­tilation pipes, a noisy restaurant, a vodka shop and the crow­ded Tar­gowa Street. Eight photographs, eight situations with meticulous descrip­tions were arran­ged in circle. The work had been prepared for a lec­ture by Klaus Groh and Bikhardt Bot­tinelli ‘Die Kunst der Avant­garde in Osteuropa heute’ (Eastern European Avant-​Garde Art Today), in the hall of Hermann-Schafft-Haus in Kassel on 4 February 1977. Additionally, the artists sent a letter to Groh, tel­ling him about the dif­feren­ces they saw between Eastern and Western European art. The letter begins with the statement: ‘Reality is divided. If we begin to con­tem­plate anything (it could be a car or a work of art) and its con­ditions, then at some point, these con­siderations should always be “divided” and it should be clearly spoken from which reality this thing comes from, from the East or from the West’. The same text was sent to Robert Reh­feldt in East Ger­many. In response, he wrote: ‘Dear Zofia and Prze­mek, many thanks for your article […]. A long time ago (01.02.1977) we received your nice letter […]. Your thoughts about the East/West situation, I liked this text, it is the best in my Archiwum Sztuki Aktual­nij. Dziekuje!’ [Robert Reh­feldt, 24 July 1977].

Quoted from: Łukasz Ron­duda, Georg Schol­l­hamer (ed.), KwieKulik, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 2013, p. 235

KwieKulik Circle

1978, collage