A documentation board made by Libera using photographic stills from his film “Mystical Perseverance” (1984) and a rosary of its heroine, Regina G., the grand­mother of the artist. In the video Libera recor­ded her instinc­tive behavior—wrapping the rosary around the neck, rotating the potty—discovering in them a mystical ritual. The board, made ​​shortly after the the film was made, was presen­ted at exhibitions in the second half of the 1980s. The original text of Libera, an integral part of the work, was prin­ted in ink using fonts from an alphabet stamp set for kids—the only widely available form of polygraphy in Poland of the 80s.


Zbigniew Libera
Mystical Perseverance. Documentation

ca. 1986, cardboard, black-and-white photographs, paint, ink, rosary, 69 x 110,5 cm