During preparations to his studio stay in New York, Buj­now­ski had pain­ted a photorealistic, black-and-white por­trait. He reproduced it and enc­losed the copy as his official photo in the US visa application form. The con­sulate wor­kers failed to notice the manipulation and, even­tually, the artist received a pas­sport with a replica of his own pain­ting. Using this document Rafal has cros­sed the U.S. border, the project was sup­plemen­ted by the fact that the artist has atten­ded a pilot’s course, which featured a training flight over Man­hat­tan – this event was recor­ded by Buj­now­ski as a video.
The US Embassy refused to com­ment this issue. Cur­ren­tly the work is in the Rubell Family Col­lec­tion, Miami.



oil on canvas, 35 x 35 cm; set of 3 b&w photographs + envelope edition, ed. of 50