Pain­ting white is a unique task, all the more so for a person who treats pain­ting as a living and a way of life, a manner of coming to terms with it. If, then, we can see pain­ting as a special cognitive tool, we can also say with some degree of affec­tation that pain­ting in general, and pain­ting white in par­ticular, is the fin­gering of objects with one’s eyes.

Łukasz Gorczyca (exerpt from an essay in the book)

Zbigniew Rogalski

Text: Łukasz Gorczyca
Design: Michał Kaczyński
56 pages, 21 photographs, 220 x 220 mm, softcover
Print run: 250

Publisher: Raster, The Arsenal Gallery, Białystok 2010
ISBN 978-83-89778-76-5