The presen­tation brings together the latest photography project from Aneta Grzeszykow­ska (b. 1974) and new sculp­tures by Olaf Brzeski (b. 1975). The common denominator of their works is the exploration of the whim­sical nature of sculp­tural objects – with Grzeszykowska’s use of photography to document ephemeral objects and Brzeski’s reduc­tion of a figure into an illusory, three-​dimensional drawing.
Grzeszykow­ska is con­sistent in the way she works with her own image, the iden­tity of a woman-​artist, and various aspects of the body’s decon­struc­tion. Her ‘Selfie’ project is a radical exer­cise in sculp­ture; the artist made accurate models of her own body out of pig­skin and photographed them before they decomposed.
Brzeski is the author of airy sculp­tures com­posed of narrow steel pipes which imitate blades of hay. These figures, drawn in mid-​air, refer to the realm of hal­lucination. Uncanny charac­ters con­jured up by the artist have their coun­ter­part in his astonishing methods of wor­king with his material, sub­jec­ting traditional qualities of sculp­ture such as weight, texture and den­sity to reinterpretation.
See press clip­pings from City Magazine and Hong Kong Economic Times.

此文稿匯集了Aneta Grzeszykow­ska (生於 1974) 的最新攝影專題和Olaf Brzeski (生於 1975) 的最新雕刻品。他們作品的共同點就是對雕塑那異想天開的探索 – Grzeszykow­ska 使用攝影去記錄短暫的物件和Brzeski的人體簡約主義進入一個虛幻的三維圖。

Grzeszykow­ska 常運用自身的形象,以一位女性藝術家的身份和人體解構各方面制作作品。她“自拍”的專題更是一個激進行為的雕塑;藝術家精確地使用了她自己的身體做了豬皮模型後,在分解前紀錄下來。



At Art Basel Hong Kong Raster will present works by Olaf Brzeski and Aneta Grzeszykowska. Join us at booth 1C46 in the Discoveries section.



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