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East, West, Occident, Orient, Europe, Asia… it’s enough to make the most enthusiastic amongst us yawn. For Art Basel Statements, we are proud to present Régions d’etre: a playful look at a climate of being. Too often the region is por­trayed through the exc­lusively dour and dark lens of political and social upheaval. Our story is not one of distinct con­tinents or even a region but rather the unexpec­tedly merry romp of the forest meeting the steppe.

A jungle gym for chil­dren and adults alike, Régions d’etre celebrates the pluralist and lateral approach to iden­tity found across Slavs and Tatars’ work. Literally “a region of being,” Régions d’etre embeds a cheer­ful com­plexity to the other­wise innocuous medium of playground architec­ture. The work goes to the very origins of the artists’ prac­tice: by choosing to lodge them­selves between an area east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China.

Slavs and Tatars

Régions d'etre
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