Holes in NYC

This summer, Derek Eller Gal­lery, located in New York’s Chel­sea, presents “Hair and Skin”, an exhibition curated by Isaac Lyles. The show presents the body in extremes to explore the poten­tial of physical empathy and bodily resonance. Presen­ted along­side works by such distin­guished artists as Hans Bel­l­mer, Louise Bour­geois and Günter Brus, is “Holes” – a filmic study of the sexual act, spread through all the openings of the human body. Both the show and Aneta’s work have made it to GalleristNY’s recom­men­ded list.


Holes in NYC

Derek Eller Gallery, New York


Hair and Skin



Hans Bellmer
Louise Bourgeois
Günter Brus
Borden Capalino
David Dupuis
Daniel Gordon
Aneta Grzeszykowska
Kineko Ivic
Lionel Maunz
Maria Petschnig
Chloe Piene
Adam Putnam
Aura Rosenberg
Davina Semo
Bobbi Woods
Rona Yefman


10.07 - 15.08.2013 r.