Grzeszykowska in Moscow circles

At the invitation of the Frag­ment Gal­lery, Raster is par­ticipating in Open Circle, the first joint show of inter­national gal­leries in Moscow. The exhibition is entitled The New (Sur)Realism, and inc­ludes four large-​format photographs by Aneta Grzeszykow­ska from the Negative Book series. In addition to the hosts and Raster, gal­leries Cap­sule Shan­ghai from China, Lubov from New York, and Tem­nikova & Kasela from Tal­linn are also taking part in the project.

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Grzeszykowska in Moscow circles

The New (Sur)Realism


17.09.2020 – 01.11.2020


Fragment Gallery

3-Y Krasnosel'skiy Pereulok

107140, Moscow