Matecki and Althamer’s Reality Rifts


Przemysław Matecki, Paweł Althamer

Reality Rifts


16 April – 9 May, 2021


BWA Zielona Góra

al. Niepodległości 19


The Reality Rifts exhibition at the BWA Zielona Góra is a second joint exhibition by Przemysław Matecki and Paweł Althamer after their recent Family at the Jerke Museum. Artists' close cooperation started in 2017 and was initiated not by curators or institutions but by the artists themselves.


The space where they perform their joint activities is Matecki's studio in Warsaw's Grochów, not far from Bródno, which occupies a central place in Althamer's work. The curators—Ewa Borysiewicz and Romuald Demidenko—draw a line connecting Matecki's cutting out and compiling loosely related fragments of visual culture with Althamer's artistic practice based on initiating meetings and situations with script only loosely outlined by the artist.