Raster is among nine renow­ned gal­leries from Europe and Middle East to take part in the Condo Unit show in Athens.


Condo takes its name from ‘con­dominium’ and is a large-​scale col­laborative exhibition of inter­national galleries. The initiative encourages the evaluation of existing exhibition models, pooling resour­ces and acting com­munally to propose an environ­ment that is more con­ducive for experimen­tal gal­lery shows to take place inter­nationally. This initiative is also close to Raster who developed a similar model of col­laboration named Villa (that took place in Warsaw, Reykjavik, Tokyo and Toronto). The idea that both Condo and Villa share is simple: to use the curatorial experience of the most interesting.inspiring young and established private gal­leries to create encoun­ters with the general public and local art com­munities that are innovative, stimulating, and not merely market driven.


Condo takes place in London, New York, Mexico City and Shan­ghai. This year, the special Condo Unit edition will happen in Athens, at The Breeder gal­lery, and will take place con­cur­ren­tly with the sixth Athens Bien­nale. Other par­ticipating gal­leries are: Art:Concept (Paris), Carlos/Ishikawa (London), Dastan’s Basement (Teheran), Bar­bara Thumm and Koenig (Berlin), Grey Noise (Dubai), and Sommer Con­tem­porary Art (Tel Aviv).


As part of the exhibition, Raster will show new works by Olaf Brzeski, Janek Simon and the Slavs and Tatars collective.

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Opening on October 25, 8 PM

Exhibition will run through November 24