Adven­ture is a story full of per­sonal experien­ces, ruminations on love and death, joy and loss, as well as small but meaning­ful sen­sations, like the pleasure from a com­plement. The heart of the show is a series of about 20 sculp­tures executed by the artist during his rehabilitation fol­lowing a serious, near-​tragic accident. Like Brzeski’s ear­lier works, the most recent ones are also stron­gly related to drawing, they use stains and lines, while figural threads and por­traits inter­twine with abs­tract forms. These are moving, intimate memorials to the sim­plest everyday emotions.



Olaf Brzeski




The artist would like to thank The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw for lending the ceramic workshop, materials, and most importantly, ceramic furnaces, in which all the works presented at the exhibition were fired many times until they obtained their final appearance.



Due to the pandemic, out of concern for our visitors’ safety, audiences for the exhibition are limited to three people at a time.