“The title of the book per­tains to the mul­tiple and mul­tidimen­sional pain­terly strategies the artist uses, and above all, to a dilemma with which Buj­now­ski con­tinually grap­ples: To what extent can a painter’s work be verified by criteria beyond those of art? For over a decade Rafał Buj­now­ski has repeatedly attemp­ted to under­mine the artist/painter’s work routine. His pain­ting is self-​reflexive and per­for­mative, delving into the ten­sion between the pic­ture as a flat object han­ging on the wall, and pain­ting as a socially quan­tifiable quality”


232 pages, 225 x 300 mm

English and Polish lan­guage version

Linen hard­cover and softcover

Print run: 1000

Publisher: Fun­dacja Raster, War­szawa, 2013

Publication co- finan­ced by the Ministry of Cul­ture and National Heritage

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First monographic album on Rafal Bujnowski

A preview of a new book published by Raster: Rafal Bujnowski "The Politics of Paintings. Selected works from 1999-2013"