ArtBazaar Records is a plat­form for musical endeavors created by visual artists—a project initiated by two col­lec­tors, Piotr Bazylko and Krzysz­tof Masiewicz. Each record is published in a limited edition, often with a unique cover made by the artist.


The newest one is by Jan Smaga; it’s a documen­tation of a rain­storm made using an artwork constructed by Edwin Van Der Heide, that was stolen by Smaga from an exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. It registers and “translates” light into sound and thus enables you to hear it. Smaga used Heide’s artwork to register not the thun­der, but the light­ning bolts of a storm over Warsaw skies—and made it into a clas­sic 12-inch single.



warsaw gal­lery weekend

Stormy record

Jan Smaga
12'' vinyl, limited edition of 100 copies


Record premiere:
Saturday, September 24, 2 p.m., as part of Warsaw Gallery Weekend.