Two volumes od Budny

Michał Budny

Drawing Notes, Sculptures and Objects


Texts in English and German: Fanni Fetzer, Łukasz Gorczyca, Marek Troszyński

Editing: Kunstmuseum Luzern

Graphic design: Jakub de Barbaro

Publisher: Verlag für moderne Kunst

Vienna, 2021


On the occasion of Michał Budny’s exhibition at the Kunstmuseum in Lucerne, a publication devoted to the artist’s latest works has just been released. The publication, in a special bookbinding case, comprises two volumes. One contains the documentation of the exhibition, and the second is wholly devoted to drawings by the artist, published here for the first time. The book—with the artist's signature—is available for purchase at our bookstore, and also by Allegro.



PLN 250