Art in the Atlantic

For several years Rafał Buj­now­ski has worked on curating a private residen­tial center for artists on Fuer­teven­tura, in the Canary Islands in the Atlan­tic Ocean. The artist’s latest initiative is the exhibition A Girl and a Gun, curated by Katarzyna Karwańska especially for the interior of the historic Casa de los Coroneles (from 18th cen­tury) in La Oliva, in the nor­thern part of the island.


The immediate inspiration for the exhibition was the quip by Jean-​Luc Godard, “All you need to make a film is a girl and a gun.” Sex and violence, dominance and sub­mis­sion, are the con­cep­tual pairings which the works selec­ted for presen­tation in the colonial spaces of Casa de los Coroneles revolve around. In addition to new, multi-​part pain­tings by Buj­now­ski, the exhibition also features works by Miriam Cahn, Yous­souf Dara (featuring Paweł Althamer and Daria Giwer), Gustav Deutsch, Marie Fahlin, Władysław Grygny, Celina Kanun­nikava, Konrad Kwasek, Iwona Mysera, Jadwiga Sawicka, Bruno Schulz, San­tiago Sierra and Grzegorz Sztwiert­nia. Bujnowski’s special, per­sonal con­tribution is his hand­made frames for works by Bruno Schulz—the most impor­tant artist for Rafał in his youth.


The exhibition is designed as the first in a series of exhibitions of recent art laun­ched at Bujnowski’s initiative to mark each new year at Casa de los Coroneles. As the organizers write, “This is the launch of an artistic program focused on exploitation of the incredible architec­tural merits of the buil­ding and its desert set­ting, and an attempt to create a con­tem­porary art scene far from bustling art centers.”


Pic­tured above is a scene from the exhibition, with pain­tings by Buj­now­ski in the foreground, works by Celina Kanun­nikava in the background.

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Art in the Atlantic

"The House of the Colonels. A Girl and a Gun"

Curator: Katarzyna Karwańska
Artists: Rafał Bujnowski, Gustav Deutsch, Marie Fahlin, Celina Kanunnikava, Miriam Cahn, Youssouf Dara feat Paweł Althamer i Daria Giwer, Dr. Lakra, Władysław Grygny, Konrad Kwasek, Iwona Mysera, Jadwiga Sawicka, Bruno Schulz, Santiago Sierra, Grzegorz Sztwiertnia
Partners: Raster, Fundacja Razem Pamoja


The House of the Colonels
La Oliva, Fuerteventura