“For Arsenal, Slavs and Tatars present The Naughty Nasals, an investigation into lan­guage as a source of political, metaphysical, and sen­suous eman­cipation. With their trademark mix of high and low registers, ribald humor and esoteric discourse, the artist col­lec­tive addres­ses the thorny issue of alphabet politics—the attempts by nations, cul­tures, and ideologies to ascribe a specific set of let­ters to a given language—with a series of sculp­tures, instal­lations, textiles, and prin­ted matter. (…) The Naughty Nasals addres­ses the nose as a site of sonorous resistance to the political and nation-​building usage of scripts, or alphabets. The Ѫѫ(Wielki Jus) and Ѧѧ(Mały Jus)–nasal sounds that have disap­peared from most Slavic lan­guages but remain as ą and ę in con­tem­porary Polish–function as mobile con­fes­sionals, to one of the lesser known, abor­ted attempts to Cyril­licize the Polish lan­guage. The organs of lan­guage represent a distinct zone of libidinal lin­guistics: the teeth, or lips, mouth, tongue, neck, or ears. The Naughty Nasals looks at these erogenous areas as a space of rup­ture, or break from the norm.”

 (fragments of the text accom­panying the exhibition)


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fot. Maciej Zaniew­ski / Galeria Arsenał 



Slavs and Tatars presents exhibition "Long-legged linguistics. The Naughty Nasals" in Arsenal Gallery in Białystok.