Grzeszykowska’s room of her own in Bremen

The Weser­burg modern art museum in Bremen, Ger­many, is showing a number of photos by Aneta Grzeszykow­ska from the Negative Book series (2012–2013) in the museum’s “Artists’ Rooms” program.

The works shown on the gray-​painted walls are from Art Col­lec­tion Telekom in Ger­many, which holds an exten­sive col­lec­tion of Grzeszykowska’s photos and films. Negative Book is a fascinating nar­rative of a space created by Grzeszykow­ska between presence and absence, positive and negative, appearance and disap­pearance. For each photo, the artist’s figure is sub­jec­ted to meticulous body pain­ting, so that the negatives present her figure as a positive, disrup­ting the natural logic of the photographic process and creating a moving ontological performance.


The entirety of this excep­tional and exten­sive series was published recen­tly in book form, available at the Raster book­store or at the website of Nero, the Italian co-​publisher of the album.

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Grzeszykowska’s room of her own in Bremen

Weseburg Museum für moderne Kunst

Bremen, Germany

The show runs through June 3, 2018.


Photo: Tobias Hübel