Przemek Matecki’s works are heading out into the world

After the show at Raster, a selec­tion of Small Pain­tings is presen­ted at an exhibition at Gdańska Galeria Miej­ska under the moving title The Skeletons Must Rise (in Gdańsk through 26 August). The theme of the show is the con­dition of the con­tem­porary museum. Other artists in the show inc­lude Olaf Brzeski.

Another pain­ting specially prepared by Matecki can be seen in the travel­ling show Speedway in Art at BWA in Tarnów (also through 26 August), accom­panied by works by artists inc­luding Marcin Maciejow­ski and Wil­helm Sasnal.


Last but not least, there’s also two individual shows by Prze­mek Matecki scheduled.

One opens on 16 August at Raw Art Gal­lery in Tel Aviv, featuring Small Pain­tings as well as the premiere of works pain­ted together with Paweł Althamer.

The other is at kunst.​museum.diesel­kraftwerk in Cot­t­bus. It is the first museum presen­tation of the artist’s works in Ger­many. It inc­ludes over 500 canvases from the series Small Pain­tings, arran­ged in a new pat­tern on the walls of one large room at the museum. The exhibition, prepared in cooperation with BWA in Zielona Góra, runs until 18 November.

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Przemek Matecki’s works are heading out into the world