Slavs and Tatars at the Venice Biennale

The instal­lation Dillio Plaza crowns the main exhibition at the Arsenale, providing it a reflec­tive coda. Con­ceived of as a zone of relaxation and physical and spiritual rein­for­cement, it offers among other things the possibility of refresh­ment with a glass of sauer­kraut juice and a seating area around a specially designed foun­tain. The entirety is dedicated to Johann Georg Hamann, a German philosopher who rejec­ted the Enligh­ten­ment division between intel­lect and emotion. The main pavilion in the Giar­dini exhibits a full series of embos­sed textual works by Slavs and Tatars.

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Slavs and Tatars at the Venice Biennale

"May You Live In Interesting Times"


58th Venice Biennale