After being shown at Ujaz­dow­ski Castle Centre for Con­tem­porary Art, Warsaw and Pejman Foun­dation, Tehran, the collective’s first mid-​career survey “Mouth to Mouth” is presen­ted at SALT Galata. It brings together works addres­sing cul­tural trans­lation, shared lin­guistic heritage, and mysticism in con­tem­porary societies. Taking place across three floors of SALT Galata, this presen­tation especially high­lights the collective’s research into historical shifts in Turkic lan­guages, often related to trans­for­mations of political and social systems. 

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exhibitions abroad

“Mouth to Mouth” in Istanbul

"Mouth to Mouth"

Slavs and Tatars

SALT Galata

Istanbul, Turkey



photo: Mustafa Hazneci, courtesy of SALT Galata.