A quote from Agata Smalcerz’s text:


“The exhibition of Olaf Brzeski, entitled “Wish” con­tains, in its ideological layer, thoughts that, to some extent, con­cern each of us: the desire for good things to happen at home, in the family, in our private plans, as well as in the world as a whole, both the one shaped by people and the one over which man has no influence. And although some of the artist’s wishes seem like pipe dreams – the ful­fil­ment of which would be tan­tamount to the creation of a per­fect world – they do set some kind of goal to strive for. A goal both for the individual man and for humanity as a whole.”



Olaf Brzeski – “Wish”


I wish
that you come to the gal­lery, see the exhibition and no one gets the impres­sion that I don’t care about them,
that no one leaves disap­poin­ted,
that this show of sculp­tures and objects evokes an awareness of a greater mystery,
because per­haps there is a per­cep­tible order and pur­pose behind this mystery.
I wish for people to suffer less, especially my loved ones.
I wish for chil­dren to live without fear.
I wish for finan­cial stability for me and my family,
that is, that all the sculp­tures from this exhibition sell and end up in good hands.
Because they are pretty and good.
I wish for the war to end and for all the dic­tators to go out into the world proc­laiming love.
And that the inhabitants of apart­ment number three stop spit­ting and throwing cigarette butts in front of our gate.


Olaf Brzeski’s exhibition at the Galeria Bielska BWA

Olaf Brzeski – “Wish”

10 March – 16 April 2023 (ground floor)
Curator – Agata Smalcerz

Opening and curated tour: Friday, 10 March 2023, 6.30 pm


Galeria Bielska BWA

Bielsko-Biała, ul. 3 Maja 11