Raster gal­lery and Pola Art Foun­dation invite you to a special presen­tation of the publication ”Chrysalis”—a limited edition book, writ­ten by Marcin Różyc and designed by Tymek Borow­ski, presen­ting history of polish fashion.

”Chrysalis” is and avant-​garde book and a work of art in its own right. Its is made up of a col­lec­tion of cards chronic­ling Poland’s most exciting fashion designers and the country’s most ground­breaking fashion trends from the post-​war period to present day. This experimen­tal publication’s pages are made up of beautifully designed individual cards, the graphic layout of which is a unique work of art, each and enig­matic image open to inter­pretation and alluding to the text in the reverse.

 “Chrysalis” was published by Polish Cul­tural Institute in London.



Friday, Sep­tem­ber 1


6 PM
On display – Arkadius vin­tage col­lec­tion, Chrysalis’ cards (designed by Tymek Borow­ski, arran­ged by Ewa Ciepielew­ska), sil­houet­tes selec­tion by Pat Guzik and DRAMAT Europe


7:30 PM


A musical con­fes­sion of an ex-​stock broker, who, by experien­cing a mystical vision, gives up the finan­cial world for the cryp­tocur­rency speculation.


Maria Mag­dalena Kozłowska – con­cept, vocals, performance

Karolina Karpińska – soprano

Jan Tomza-​Osiecki – music, dramaturgy


Satur­day, Sep­tem­ber 2


5 PM
“Apropriation and Inspiration in Modern Design”

Kola Śliwińska in conver­sation with Paulina Latham, Tymek Borow­ski, Marcin Różyc, KAASKAS and Dominik Zieliński on behalf of Arkadius.


Maria Magdalena Kozłowska, Karolina Karpińska, Jan Tomza-Osiecki


“Chrysalis” book launch