In the exhibition “Coloured grey 1956-1970” in  Zacheta Zofia Kulik shows an installation   entitled “KwieKulik – Autobiographical  Aggregate (part I)”. “Aggregate”  – according  to W.   Kopalińskis “Foreign  Words Dictionary”- means “a whole  combined of heterogeneous parts.” This word clearly points to a specific nature of the work of the artistic duo KwieKulik. (Prze­myslaw Kwiek and Zofia Kulik). The  installation  consists  of sculp­tures and    photographs; drawings, prints and writ­ten documents (photocopies), as well as 8 and 16 mm films copied on DVD and presen­ted on monitors.  A slogan “FROM the art of THE OBJECT TO the art of THE PROCESS” is also a part of the instal­lation. The materials are pre-​sented on a back­ground of wrap­ping paper, com­monly yet mistakenly called “grey” in Poland; in fact, it is brown. 


Zofia Kulik, "KwieKulik - Autobiographical  Aggregate (part I)", 2000


2000, 380 x 1400 (1100 + two wings) x 105 cm, drawings and documents (photocopies), black and white photographs, colour prints, videos, objects