This work might well serve as a syn­op­tic manual for Art History. The nar­rative begins at the center of the canvas, with an image of a head inspired by the busts of Antiquity, a char­coal reproduc­tion of a sketch by Leonardo da Vinci in the right-​hand corner, to latter-​day images cut out of art jour­nals – the com­position set off by a multi-​colored border, its pat­tern drawn from Eastern Orthodox iconography. The com­pres­sion of the historical-​artistic axis of time heigh­tens the ten­sion within the work which, in its formal aspect, is an unor­thodox study of the scale of pain­terly means of expres­sion. Matecki brings forth a con­scious gradation: from the plain, empty canvas, through sec­tions pasted over with new­spaper and magazine clip­pings, up to the laser-​treated sur­faces and the expres­sive, relief-​like treat­ment of all these elements.

Przemek Matecki

oil and paper on canvas, 163 x 128 cm