The film “Headache” is an attempt to put life in order again, a sophisticated, existen­tial choreography, which at each moment strikes a dif­ferent stylistic tone: grotesque animation, sur­realistic phan­tasmagoria, cor­poral play remin­ding us of experiments in body art. In time with music – which is a variation of chosen frag­ments of Krzysz­tof Penderecki’s pieces from the 60’s – the dance pan­tomime is taking place and tells us the story of self-​destructive impul­ses of the body, the story that reaches its conc­lusion with a decep­tive happy end. In its formal aspect “Headache” represents the idea of female figure con­fron­ting the black abyss. It is not, however, usual black back­ground, it is rather a magnetic inside of black hole, the per­fect space of non-​existence.

Aneta Grzeszykowska

DHD, 11'37", ed. of 7

Music: Krzysztof Penderecki -Anaklasis (1959), Fonogrammi (1973), Polymorphia (1961), String quartet No.1 (1960), Symphony I: Dynamis I - Arche I (1973)

Dancers: Aleksandra Lemm, Weronika Pelczynska, Marzena Roguska, Anita Wach

Cooperation: Jan Smaga