Just after their son Mak­symilian Dobromierz was born, KwieKulik star­ted to elaborate this unique and enig­matic body of work. Activities with Dobromierz con­sists of around nine hun­dred photographs taken over two years in which the artists’ son appears along­side various household objects. It is based on semiological, lin­guistic, and mathematical con­siderations. Indeed, in this piece, the artists tried to prac­tically study the sup­posed sub­ject / object polarity in artistic experience.  The demand of the visual research that integrated life, art, and science was to elucidate the com­plex relation­ship between mathematical-​logical operations on non-​material notions (being) and material forms, or, in other words, to develop an epistemology of artistic prac­tice. Con­cer­ned with the self­com­munication within an observer’s psyche and the sur­roun­ding environ­ment, Activities with Dobromierz aimed at nothing less than to be a model of the relations between art and society.

Activities with Dobromierz

1972-74 digitalized 2008, three-screen slide installation HD, ca. 390 slides, 32', ed. of 5 + 2 A.P.