Activities with a Tube belongs to a group of works KwieKulik developed in relation to commissioned hackwork. It was the first of these works that was neither linked to mar­tyr­dom nor propaganda. Made from pieces of card­board and pain­ted with oil paint, the seemin­gly Pop art piece looked as if it was made of plastic and was meant to adver­tise tooth­paste. Using it like a strange fetish, Kwiek’s sister Urszula, Zofia Kulik and her 3-year-old son Mak­symilian Dobromierz per­for­med thematic gestures towards the tube: saluting, bowing, stan­ding at atten­tion, shooting, teeth-​brushing. The work was first presen­ted to the public in 1977 at the New Trends in East-​European Art exhibition organised by the Tech­nical Univer­sity in Ein­dhoven (NL).

Activities with a Tube

42 colour photographs (archival inkjet print), 30 x 30 cm each, framed object (enamel painted cardboard tube), 148 x 40 x 28 cm, ed. of 3 + 2 A.P.