The works from the Homeless Shakedown series bear an excep­tional selfreflexive tone. Using the most basic material for his works, paper and cardboard (often carefully assorted pieces of used fol­ders, cardboard boxes or notebooks), Budny explores the purely physical (warmth, color, softness) and metaphorical (communication mediums, a record of the passing of time) aspects of the material. Sculpturally precise, the series introduces a social con­text, which is something new for the artist – cardboard is a material that provides warmth and shel­ter in a very literal sense. The common statement that most of Budny’s works are characterized by par­ticulary delicate material, gains additional meaning in light of those works. The fun­damen­tal feature of the Homeless Shakedowns is the fact that they are neither replicas nor real shakedowns, nor their fragments found on the streets, instead they are a uniform sculp­tural composition created by the artist – with a specific sense of form – from beginning to end.


Michał Budny
Homeless Shakedown

Homeless Shakedown (1), 2005 cardboard, paper, adhesive tape 47 x 74 x 205 cm private collection, Berne, Switzerland