Negative Entropy (Argraf, Rapida, Black, Double)

cotton, polyester, rayon, wood, wool acoustic baffling felt, 135,9 x 106,7 x 3,8 cm

For five years Tajima has been developing a series of jacquard woven paintings, Negative Entropy. They offer a visual interpretation of the sound of machinery and industrial equipment. Recordings made in factory interiors are processed into digital spectrograms and translated by textile techniques into a machine-duplicated jacquard pattern. In this manner Tajima portrays historic textile industry technologies as well as the new digital economy of servers and databases. This creates an esthetic analogue of capitalist tools of production and distribution of information.

For the Raster show the artist has produced paintings from recordings made at the Argraf printing plant in Warsaw, which specializes in items like limited-run art publications and prints most of the books published by Raster.