Fruit of anxiety, vegetable of calm

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Oskar Dawicki
Fruit of anxiety, vegetable of calm

c-print, screenprint, cardboard, 50 x 70 cm, ed. of 10 + 3 A.P.

The artist planted a bean sprout in an empty bottle of Tranxene—a strong antidepressant used, for example, in treating alcoholism. Over the course of the exhibition, the sprout grows into a full-sized plant. The work was first shown as part of the exhibition Co z nami teraz będzie? (What Will Become of Us Now?) at Potocka Gallery in Kraków (curated by Joanna Zielińska, 2006). The photograph was made at the Arsenal Gallery in Białystok when the work was shown as part of the Depression exhibition (curated by Magdalena Godlewska, 2007).



1200 EUR + VAT