A joint project by Michał Budny and Zbigniew Rogal­ski is a refined multi-​level project con­cer­ned with the visionariness of art, its illusions and material dimen­sion. An “unplugged” video projec­tion: a card­board model of a projec­tor “projects” the images on a screen, which is in fact a pain­ted image of a video projec­tion. The pain­ting depicts abs­tract con­structs made of card­board and household utilities, which create an utopian architec­tural model com­posed by the artists—a sub­jec­tive projec­tion of the future Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.


Michał Budny Zbigniew Rogalski

oil on cardboard, 16 panels, 240 x 360 cm, 2 cardboard objects: 101 x 30 x 23 cm + 8 x 30 x 21 cm