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Michelle Rawlings
Pixel rainbow series

oil on linen, Plexiglas frame, ca. 26,5 x 17,5 cm each

Rawlings is interested in analyzing the rhetoric of books on art writ­ten for young people, and the artistic fan­tasies of teenagers or the order of a typical clas­sroom set­ting. The par­ticular process of com­pres­sing art history or, even, its outright infan­tilization, executed for the pur­poses of elemen­tary education or pop cul­ture, has its reflec­tion in the pithy forms of her works.
Rawlings describes her inspirations for the pixelated rainbow series of paintings: "I began to feel an interest in more spiritual imagery. The naive rainbow colors of childhood that one finds in classrooms and other institutions also correspond to the human chakra system and auric body around a person. The idea that we are spiritual bodies made of energy that is constantly shifting is something I think about in relationship to this body of work. I find myself interested in an obsessive compulsive kind of making, where I individually mix each unique color and shade of each out of hundreds of pixels."