The carefully-​prepared back­drop of the work was com­posed by Matecki out of about 700 distinct elements – photographs of models on a runway, cut out of fashion magazines. Artist Zbigniew Rogalski was char­ged with the task of developing the work fur­ther and in response he placed a rescaled study of a hip bone in the center of the canvas. This form, abs­tract to the eye at first glance, acts as a counterpoint to the slim sil­houet­tes of the models, while buil­ding a somewhat sub­ver­sive sense of a whole – the signature movement of a model’s hips down the runway becomes a gateway to the study of the human skeleton.

Przemek Matecki Zbigniew Rogalski
Untitled (with Zbigniew Rogalski)

oil and paper on canvas, 164 x 128 cm