MAY 2066

rafał buj­now­ski artist book

MAY 2066

An artist book published on the occasion of Rafał Bujnowski's solo show at the Zachęta—National Gallery of Art in Warsaw. Foreword and an interview with the artist, both conducted by the curator of the exhibition—Maria Brewińska, are complemented by images of works from the show. Once printed, the book underwent an ageing procedure in a special climate chamber, just like a series of abstract paintings prepared for the exhibition, and is now older by exactly 50 years.



Editor: Maria Brewińska

Design: Michał Kaczyński

60 pages, 220 x 220 mm

Print run: 400 

Publisher: Nero, Raster, Zachęta – National Gallery of Art 2016

ISBN 978-88-97503-76-7, 978-83-938244-5-8, 978-83-64714-36-8