Waldemar Baraniewski <br /> PAŁAC W WARSZAWIE

The book answers the most pres­sing questions about Warsaw’s famous buil­ding – The Palace of Cul­ture and Science – and its sur­roun­ding, but also the func­tion, sym­bolic meaning and fate of the city center. It’s a result of over 30 years of research con­duc­ted by Wal­demar Baraniew­ski – from the WWII desc­truc­tion of Warsaw to the con­tem­porary debate on the future of Defilad Square.

The album part – a series of photographs by Błażej Pindor – is the first ear­nest attempt at an artistic inter­pretation of the space within and around the Palace. It serves as a witty analysis of the impact the architec­ture has on the viewer – dominating, rescaled, sel­fish and opulent beyond measure, at the same time raw and seductive.


“Pałac w Warszawie” is available in Polish lan­guage ver­sion only.


Project co-​financed by the City of Warsaw



Waldemar Baraniewski

Author: Waldemar Baraniewski

Photographs: Błażej Pindor

Edited by: Łukasz Gorczyca, Katarzyna Szotkowska-Beylin

Design: Michał Kaczyński

Publisher: Raster, Warszawa 2014

232 pages, 195 x 305 mm, hardcover

Print run: 1000

ISBN 978-83-938244-3-4