Group founded in 2001. The members are: Oskar Dawicki (born 1971), Igor Krenz (1959), Wojciech Niedzielko (1959), Lukasz Skapski (1958). They live and work in Cracow and Warsaw.


Oskar Dawicki (b. 1971), Igor Krenz (b. 1959), Wojciech Niedzielko (b. 1959) and Lukasz Skapski (b. 1958) formed the Azorro group in 2001. Azorro is not a typical artistic formation. It is – to use musical terminology – a super-group, comprised of artists previously known from their individual activities. As Azorro, they primarily realize video films in which they – not without irony – touch upon such delicate questions as the evaluation of contemporary art, the condition of exhibiting institutions and the position of the artist in both the artistic and social hierarchies. They are perspicacious, aim at undermining the current norms and tend to think subversively, critically – annoyingly 'against'. Their wining card is, however, their sense of humour and good acting – as in their first film 'We Like It A Lot', in which they visit famous exhibiting halls in Warsaw and, after leaving each of them, they praise what they have just seen in the same way, with the same sentence, over and over, ceaselessly.


Another important topic touched upon by Azorro is language and its (lack of) clarity. The particular expression of the artists' longing for the world in which nothing is lost in translation, is the film 'Pyxis Systematis Domestici Quod Dicitur' – a history of the artists' trip from Cracow to Vienna conceived in the convention of road movie, during which they speak to themselves and the people they meet only in Latin.




- The National Museum, Warsaw, PL

- The National Museum, Cracow, PL

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