1972 born in Tarnów
1995-2001 co-founder and member of the "Ładnie" group
1999 graduated from the Department of Painting of the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts
1999 first prize winner at the "Bielska Jesień" biennale of painting in Bielsko-Biała
2005 residence stay at Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas
2006 winner of the Van Gogh art Award, Amsterdam
Lives in Cracow
Wilhelm Sasnal is an artist of an exceptional sensitivity to the images which surround us and, at the same time, their expert critic - both on the painterly and the political level. Paintings and films by Sasnal reflect an intense observation of the surrounding world and simultaneously form a peculiar image-dictionary of cultural fascinations and experiences from the beginning of the 21st century extending from music to history, from Sonic Youth to "Maus" by Spiegelman. Also, the list of genres for which the artist reaches is long: from paintings, comic books, drawings, posters, photographs to video clips, structural films and "amateur" recordings on an 8 mm tape. Sasnal developed an individual formula of contemporary painting. "I am a realist painter", he says, because everything he paints has its roots in particular situations, events, images and views, or is taken from books, the Internet, newspapers or the street. At the same time, his paintings - almost like a television "replay" - happen in slow motion, "in close-up", deforming the reality, so as to feel its meaning better and recreate the emotions that accompany the perception. These images - physically "oil on canvas" - really take place in the deepest recesses of consciousness, between the visible and the visual memory. They are fractured in a natural way and as this is how they relate the difference between looking and seeing. Sasnal's art always stands on the side of the weaker, recognizing the creative potential of impairment and vagueness, and seeing sad paintings and amateur films shot from the hand, as a critical counterpart to the incessantly and dangerously developing world.




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