Brzeski in Berlin

Olaf Brzeski’s exhibition “Anteroom” was prepared for the gal­lery of the Polish Institute in Berlin in col­laboration with Ory Dessau, a curator from Israel and the artist’s five-year-old son Kon­stanty. Both presen­ted works are con­nec­ted through the usage of materials of a rather tem­porary nature—paper and cardboard—but also the notion of potentiality and fan­tasticality. The black-​cardboard instal­lation taking up most of the space is based on an optical illusion—once you see it from the right angle, it turns out that it’s a monumen­tal and clearly over­scaled shadow cast by the artist’s son. Next to it is a col­lec­tion of expres­sive superheroes’ masks made out of papier-mâché; they were all made to fit Konstanty’s head and could poten­tially serve as a child’s toy but they are also a play on a tradition long-​existing in sculpture already: creating masks as trans­cen­dent objects that have the power of shifting reality. Brzeski is exloring the illusive and delusive nature of the figurative represen­tation yet again, while also developing the self-​referential thread in his work by introducing a new protagonist into his art—his own son.


Brzeski in Berlin

Olaf Brzeski, "Vorraum / Przedsionek / Anteroom"

Polnisches Institut, Berlin