Olaf Brzeski’s art residency at Inter­national Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York is coming to an end. If you’re not based in NYC you can see Brzeski’s short film impres­sion from his studio below and if you’re lucky enough to be there you are invited to see the effects of his latest endeavours between April 25th and 27th during Open Studios. Brzeski announ­ces his presen­tation with a truly vivid description: “This will be a chance to see an interior por­trait of the stupen­dous sword swal­lower Abbey Hay vel Pepsin. You will be wit­ness to a rare moment in which the sur­realism of the circus side show becomes, right before your eyes, genuine magic, revealing the intimacy and the great power of the human body. That same day you will also wit­ness the lion cap­tured within a moment of vast impor­tance for the species – as he attains self-awareness”.


Olaf Brzeski invites you to NYC