Kazimierz Domański, a worker at the rail­way repair plant in Oława, Poland, had over 200 revelations, driven by his deep faith and mis­sionary zeal. But the Catholic Church never recognized any of these revelations. Our exhibition is devoted to these grey areas of the imagination—religious fervour and visions arising from an excess of metaphysical stimuli or, on the con­trary, from a scar­city of such stimuli and a lon­ging for spirituality in a world dominated by the economics of everyday prag­matism. We are interested in the moment of psychedelic trans­gres­sion, when faith fuels behaviour over­step­ping the traditional, conven­tional social or ecc­lesiastical order. Ver­nacular visions, apparitions and hal­lucinations, for the most part driven shamefully to the mar­gins of public life, at best find a home in the tabloid press or cheap quasi-​documentary literature. Their allies are gras­sroots, religious and often amateur forms of artistic expres­sion: wood­cuts, glass pain­ting, stained glass. They make up a major part of the exhibition, exposing their anar­chic, fan­tastical, anti-​institutional poten­tial through the works of con­tem­porary artists.




09.07 – 24.09.2022


Marcin Maciejowski, Dominika Olszowy, Alicja Pakosz, Marharyta Rieznik, Zofia Rydet, Slavs and Tatars, Sylwia Zawiślak