Aneta Grzeszykowska <br> WAVE

From the very start, Aneta Grzeszykowska’s work has closely trac­ked the artist’s private life, the status of woman, daugh­ter, and mother. Her various projects—photography, film, sculp­tural objects, and pain­tings sewn from leather—radically deal with cor­poreality, family relations, and fun­damen­tal issues of existence and absence. In her latest exhibition, Grzeszykow­ska returns to her first work, Album (2005), which serves as a kind of creed for the artist, com­prising photographs with an erased image of the artist. The new “Album” runs back through her life story, to the bir­th­day of her daugh­ter Franciszka. The play with her image, begun with a series of dolls and developed in the photographs from the Mama series, takes on an unexpec­ted and extreme form here. The leather pain­tings in the show, from the Skin­for­mer series, echo photography while attemp­ting to face the image of the body materially. Afterimages of children’s play scenes mingle with the distur­bing, fetishistic aura of these objects. The pic­tures, photographic and sewn, return like a wave, obses­sively mixing past and present, presence and memory, life and its ethereal traces.


Aneta Grzeszykow­ska is one of Poland’s best-​known artists. Her works are found in many impor­tant museum col­lec­tions, inc­luding the Centre Pom­pidou in Paris and the Gug­gen­heim in New York. Photographs from the Mama series, which we presen­ted at an ear­lier show of the artist’s at Raster in 2019, can now be viewed in the main exhibition at the 59th Venice Biennale.


Aneta Grzeszykowska

14.05.2022 – 02.07.2022